Johnny Pineyro Reveals:

The Top "Wealth Secret" The Rich Use To Make Their Money Work For Them

The Top "Wealth Secret" The Rich Use To Keep Getting Richer

Real estate has been the secret to creating more millionaires than any other investment vehicle. In fact, Andrew Carnegie (One of the richest entrepreneurs to ever live) says that 90% of all millionaires have been made through real estate. And during this FREE masterclass I'm going to show you the same step-by-step process I used to secure 8 positive cash-flowing apartments ranging from 50 - 300 units.


Secret #1

The Buffett Effect

How To Leverage Other People's Money To Fund Your Commercial Investment Property


Secret #2

The Zillow Method

How to Quickly Find Positive Cash-Flowing Apartment Buildings In Emerging Markets


Secret #3

The Tesla Formula

A Simple Formula To Quickly Analyze Deals To See If They’re Worth Buying

About the Host

Johnny Pineyro is a successful real estate entrepreneur and passionate educator with over 27 years of diverse knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. He believes in sharing his knowledge and experience with others to help them achieve financial freedom. Johnny's online course, the Real Estate Syndication Blueprint, provides a comprehensive guide to making passive income through real estate investments. It is unique because it is shot in Metaverse, an immersive virtual reality platform that enhances the learning experience.

Johnny's background in law and natural ability to negotiate and settle disputes has enabled him to handle multi-million dollar cases, aviation jet transactions, and residential, commercial, and multi-family middle-market transactions. His team consists of the field's leading professionals, ensuring a bespoke experience for all clients.

Educating individuals about the benefits of investing in real estate is at the core of Johnny's mission. He believes that education is the key to financial freedom and aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the real estate industry.


© 2023 Real Estate Syndication Blueprint - All rights reserved


© 2023 Real Estate Syndication Blueprint - All rights reserved